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Stress-Free Travel

OMG! My flight got cancelled!

More and more these days it's a common situation of travel plans being disrupted. After 30 years in the travel industry, it has never been as bad as it has been than the last few years!

What I have learned is one can only control their actions and attitude.

Here are my TIPS on how to travel Stress Free:

Pre - Travel:

  1. If you have a meeting, do not book a flight the same day, always the day prior.

  2. Going on a cruise? Highly recommend to spend 2 nights prior, no longer is 24 hours guaranteed safe

  3. Do not book tours upon arrival or on the same day

  4. Have an event, always arrive 48 hours prior to assure you won't miss the wedding...

  5. Try not to book nonrefundable hotels.

  6. Try to book non stop flights as much as possible, sometimes spending a little more will be worth it

  7. If you have a connection, try to have 2 to 4 hours layover. Verify if there are other flights if you miss your flight.

Post Travel:

  1. If you need to be at work on a certain day, do not arrive the day prior, but 48 hours prior

  2. Always do your online check in, did you know if you are not checked in, you can be bumped off of the flight if the airline overbooked (recommended to check in on outbound)

  3. Do not schedule any appointments immediately after your return, doctor appointments, important meetings, attending weddings etc...

Get Informed!

  1. Find out what your credit card covers if the flight is cancelled, most cards cover a certain amount

  2. What does the airline cover?

Did you know if your flight gets cancelled or missed your connection, the airline will cover you for a 1 night stay? Did you check if your credit card covers you for any expenses for flight delays? Purchase insurances.

I will share an experience with you when I was on my flight to Madrid. I was settled in my seat, and after 30 minutes suddenly the pilot announced to take all of our belongings and disembark. Two things came to my mind, it's either going to be a very long evening or the flight will be cancelled, after 45 minutes I approached an agent and I asked her if she can change my ticket to tomorrow evenings flight, she advised for me to wait. After 30 minutes there was an announcement the flight was cancelled. Since, it I was still at my home airport, I went back home instead of staying at an airport hotel. My attitude of this situation was a blessing, I looked at the bright side, I was able to attend a friends funeral. Luckily, I am a travel agent and I know exactly what I had to do!

There are many situations I can share with you of me being in Shanghai when my flight cancelled to Hong Kong, or missing my flight in Atlanta, or being bumped off the plane while I was leading a group in Delhi, India. Then I can share with you tons of stories of situations that happened with my clients. This is why I am sharing you on how you can control the situation because you can't control weather, the pilot, mechanical problems the only thing you can is YOUR ACTIONS AND YOUR ATTITUDE.

If you follow my advise, I promise you your holiday begin on the right path!

Always work with a travel agent, in many cases I helped my clients waiting in the line with 100 people in front of them. While the client was up in the air, I protected them on a later flight, checked them in and issued their boarding pass!

Travel is fun! It begins with your attitude....


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