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Before You Go Beware of the Following

To enjoy the Hikes as intended, a minimum level of fitness is required.
By Booking the Tour, Hikers are physically and emotionally fit to travel and further warrants that such hikers have no medical or emotional condition that would endanger any hikers or result in a deviation of the itinerary. Any Hikers with special medical, physical, or other needs requiring medical attention or special accommodation during the tour is required to notify Hiking For Singles in writing at the time of the booking of such special needs. Hiking For Solos will decide if you are fit for this tour

Please note, some of the trails are not suitable for those with a fear of heights. Many roads have curves and are on the edge of a cliff which may cause motion sickness, please be prepared and perhaps take prescribed medications to avoid getting sick. The paths have rocks, unevenness, dirt paths, it may require climbing, lots of stairs, please be comfortable and prepare yourselves to be in the right group and fit for this holiday. If you are not fit to be in the hikes, you will be asked not to participate in the hikes.

What to Bring 


  • Clothing that wicks moisture from the skin is recommended. Cotton clothing for exercise and hiking should be avoided unless you bring several to change into on the same day. You will want to layer clothing as it can be chilly starting out each morning on trail.

  • At least 9 sets of hiking/fitness clothes that can be interchangeable, a light to medium fleece-type pullover jacket, and a water resistant hiking jacket.

  • Hydration backpack system with a hip belt, such as a Camelback or Osprey, that will comfortably hold at least 3 liters/100 oz of water, PLUS room for other personal items (toiletries, sunblock, windbreaker, etc.).

  • 1 Pair of broken-in ankle high hiking shoes/boot (with at least 1 month of use). It is best if the shoe is nylon and not leather for breathability.

  • 1 Pair athletic shoes to be used for city touring.

  • 9 Pairs of not too thick hiking or running socks. We do not recommend cotton socks, as they cause blisters.

  • A sun hat.

  • Sunglasses

  • Sunblock (we recommend at least SPF 30).

  • A bathing suit if you wish to relax or swim in the beach



  • Recommend to purchase SIM Cards prior to departure on Amazon. It requires to register the SIM card a few days before departure, upon arrival insert the new SIM card, it automatically activates. It's approximately 30 to 40CAD. It's unlimited internet, WHATS APP, Messenger, Social Media will function, however your local number will be out of order, until you install your original SIM CARD.

  • ADAPTER in Italy, Greece is 220 Walt 

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